Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2nd update thinking

Once again a successful and timely 2nd update.

If figures weren't your thing, you'd of been dissapointed with the week if this hadn't happened. Most people can't get enough of everything Jazwares has been doing, but there are exceptions.

The 1st update is really what Gear is all about...drilling down with in-depth reviews of items, and providing plenty of pictures of complicated things. No store site or anywhere like that will really get as 'into' the product, so I feel it was a fantastic update--one the site could use more of.

Sonic Overload?
IS there a Sonic Overload going on now? With tons of figures, new shirts appearing, AND all of the electronics now in Toys R Us...if you tried to collect it all it would be massivly expensive. Just getting the Super Pack, mini racer pack & espio Vector 2 pack was like 50 bucks. If fans want to get it all, they better really be 'in the money' with the CD player at 40, the mp3 at 35, camera at 20 and walkie-talkies around 20 as well. Not to mention the RC cars!

Is it a problem?
Yes, if you want to have it ALL. Flooding a market can be not-good for it, and can frusterate the fans as too many things pile on, then leave shelves before anyone can save up enough to buy them. Long-term availability helps this situation immensely...but Sonic stuff has often proven to NOT have that as a feature.

Tried to clear through more mail with the 2nd half...posted some videos that were a long time in coming. Why was only 1 linked? The 2nd is an AVGN video (of course there's loads of swearing!) so it needed to start off a bit buried because the site is supposed to be pg-13 rated and the video has like 5 swears per minute, and then instantly piles on toilet-humor. However, it comes across as a bit of a 'system profile' with slight documentary elements to it...so it was worth-while to add.
AND if anyone is actually still offended by swears, then I MUST ask what are they even doing on the internet AT ALL? Everyone knows it's 2 biggest exports are swears and pr0n!

Next week:
You will be seeing WISPS!
So if you see any action figure & wisp combo...it's already been sent in, save your time.
More update variety style with anything I can grab out of the mail to try and clear some of it. Expect some new shirt photos too, the fall lines are starting to really saturate stores by now, and should have some exciting stuff.


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