Sunday, August 15, 2010

Metal Sonic Eggman 2 Pack & Much More

This week brings another huge update.
While the mail had been down to 166, it went up to 208 in just 1 week, higher than it had ever been. Mostly, I think it was due to the MS 2 pack Eggman release (rejection/scooped letters ahoy, unfortunately for everyone who sent it in but wasn't first)

Metal Sonic & Eggman 2 Pack Diorama Box Jazwares-
WOW. This is a MUST HAVE for ANY Sonic fan. Jazwares is apparently serious about stepping up their game. Instead of some stale Archie Comic everyone already owns, they've done a diorama out of their box. With removable clear pod for Metal Sonic (or trapping Amy!) and "Eggman Lair" look, this thing is fantastic if you want to open & play, or leave it MIB. The box itself is very stylish, with die-cuts, profiles & loads of art. Really pulling out all the stops and is highly reasonable at 12.99, who knew it'd be this good?

*The only thing that could ruin it is if the figures fall apart. But that doesn't matter to MIB'ers. So far, all reports on this are green.

Return of some sections:
Sections that have not seen updates in quite some time return this week, specifically calander of crud, mutant gear, and Magazines. It's quite refreshing to see stuff on them, rather than the endless parade of bootlegs that seemed to be dominating. For as horrible as the Calander is, it's still pretty darn funny, and Magazine covers are always nice to look at, as Sonic headlines again.

2 of the items- right to the store:
The DS accessories of the week also (luckily enough) get a Sonic Gear Store entry right away. It's great to be able to get an item so soon after release, especially when there's a color selection to choose from. Also, since I locate the store buttons, I can select only the ones that give the best prices! You'll notice that sugg. retail is 9.99, but I've found some 8 dollar buttons 'em fast if you want 'em, because I had a "low inventory" warning on all of them but 1. (re-stock is likely, buttons will be updated)

Keyhole Tails explained. A mis-interperated old art likely led to the Toy Island Tails having those really odd eyes. It was a mystery I didn't think would ever solve, but really that explanation that's there now really makes sense. See the Mega Bot page for it now.

2nd update:
Yes, there will be a second update, consisting mostly of UK items. There were far too many to fit on this update, so it's basically going up as a part2. A few of the remaining items will also go on to re-clear the mail back to 166. Another blog post should also occur.


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