Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Figure-lover's update

This update is great!
It sure is super that this is the week of Sonic's birthday because some AWESOME figures are arriving in the news. Finally, photos appear for the Jazwares Small Line 3: which has Super Sonic, Super Shadow & Espio & Vector (PLUS news that the supers will come with a full set of Chaos Emeralds!) As usual, the figures look great.

Then, First4Figures unleashes photos for their CLASSIC Super Sonic statue...and it even has...a Light Up Base! Normally, one might consider that gimmickry, but they did an amazing job with the light up effect. It's like a 'speed blast' on the base and the glow is really appropriate here. It just sets the tone for the whole statue. And it's only a bit more money too...that one is my pick for sure! Not that the non-lighting one is bad...this statue is still wonderful in classic style, and the base is reminiscent of the final boss battle in Sonic 1's piston-trap thing...though it is actually representing Chemical Plant Zone.

First4Figures took some really great photos to show off both versions, this is def. going to be quite the collector's item, especially with numbered editions and everything. They are really maximizing their sculptors, and the addition of light effects only makes the statue better. Even though it's expensive, I figure fans will fight over the light up version because of the low numbers being made.

That doesn't mean the rest of the update is slacking off, there's still plenty of other items to see like wall scrolls and another Shadow plush-but by far the figures stand out.


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