Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sonic Birthday Kickoff 2010

Sonic's Birthday Week 2010!
As is the tradition with celebrating here on Gear, there will be updates throughout the week. So, if you need to look at the weekly update bits on the index...better look at them now as they all get pushed away quickly each time this happens.

The star of the show started it off, which was the 15th Anniversary cake. Yes, this was 'sat on' for about 2 weeks so it could kick off the bday week in style. The cake topper is curiously off-model, which you'd think they'd of solved by year 15, but...I guess not. Those photos could have gone into any of 3 categories, events, mascot suits OR Food, which is rather unusual for just one thing.

A theme is unlikely (but, you never know) to show up during the week due to clearing out much of the mail. A Store Update is likely, as there are lots of great products to be found that should be added. Plus, with stores running out of items, their links still do need replacing.

Item highlight of the day: Knuckles lolly pop coating/shell.
It's a rare thing that a food from the USA can show up that absolutely no one knew about before. This Knuckles figural lolly is certainly one of them. It's likely also especially collectible because early merchandise hardly ever featured Knuckles alone.

Robotnik fans- yes, there are these, and they've got a treat this time. The Robotnik-exclusive slide viewer fast food toy. The slides inside are also likely rare (or rare-er) art, and again, it's great to see an item that features him. The Tails & Sonic viewers should show up eventually because they were added to wanted gear. (The problem being that Carls Jr restaurants are not as 'everywhere' as McDonalds or BK)


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