Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2nd part of update...go!

Finally, a second update where one was promised.
This one has the Super Poser Knuckles review as it's highlight item. Fortunately, it showed up here faster than anywhere else, saving everyone from sending in photos. I'm happy enough with the figure (on a personal note, that doesn't get into the actual review) but the arms to me are a big pest, because I want to be able to use these guys to do more "shows" (a'la Sonic Gear Commercial) and floppy figures just won't work.

Also, 3in Metal Sonic's head simply plopping off the minute I got him out of the package is rather discouraging. Yes you can CRAM on it to get it to go back but it never does really 'stay' well. Hedgehog help anyone who tries to play with him. Hopefully, I just got a dud. But then again, why me--the WORST person to get a failing figure in their hands? It's like if a car company gives a car to the NBC news station to test and all 4 wheels drop off--who are they going to tell? Everybody. Do that for some random Joe in Ohio, and the town'll find out but...is it some kind of bad karma for this good-sculpting company?

More detail on Impact Int vs. Eggman:
They basically say they never got the lic. for plush or beanies and so will never do them. Yeah ok, that's fine, but then why did they put him on their tags of all the other figures? Did it fail at the last minute? I can't think of any other logical scenario. And why WOULD it? It's not like they were doing a horrible job on the others.

May be a 3rd update for the week, depending how things go.
It's mostly prepared, so if new shenannigins (now it wants all photos uploaded twice, to get them to stay!) don't wreck it, it may just appear with more stuff.


Blogger Scott said...

Any update on the mailing list? Will that be back in play in the future?

7:45 PM  
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