Thursday, March 18, 2010

Golive Uneditable Page: Solved!

Is the heck that this program has given finally ended?
The un-editable pages it kept creating...they were the main thing stalling up the updates. Every page was a potential risk for this supreme time wasting condition. (Skip this post if you want directly Sonic related content! It only refers to the site-background operation) But now, there's a way to take care of them. If anyone uses golive 9 (aka newgolive) this method may work!

Open the un-editable page
go to the "source view" (of the html it has been making)
Look near the top of the page. Around the HEAD or BODY tag. There should be a whole clump of strange letters/words things. Many lines of it. Sometimes they're yellowish orange. You won't recognize them because you didn't put them. DELETE all of them! Every line in that big odd block. (this grouping of lines is clearly distinguished from the other long sparse lines around it) Do it by highlighting and pushing backspace. Switch back to 'normal editing view' where you have your layout grid imgs/texts and whatever else. It will all be editable now. Save the page!

I don't know what they are. I don't know why they come. But when those letters come, the page becomes uneditable. It's cured by erasing them. It's ok to try it because the uneditable page was broken anyway, and you would have had to re-do it no matter what. Each uneditable page may have a different amount of lines of them, but they're always near the top and deleting them has cured all uneditable pages of gear, every time.

So with the condition cure-able, the fact that the new pc might not ever be able to run oldgolive...may not even matter. The transition can then progress smoothly!

Expect another normal update at the normal time on the weekend!


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