Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Attack of the Un-edit-able Page

Why is the update late this week?
Attack of the un-edit-able page! After a single trouble free update, trouble once again returns to plague Gear. This time, newgolive is having a jolly time creating uneditable pages. The page looks the same, but without a layout grid, and it refuses to acknowledge you clicking on anything! It's like a dummy paper you can never get rid of. File names? nope. Copy paste? no. Cut paste? no. Edit text? forget about it. Paste something else in? no way. Delete any element? nuuuupe. And getting clevaaar by downloading a copy of the page off the server only results in you getting the same uneditable page.

The only recourse is to copy the page over from the old PC (yes! its still running and thats still the reason anything exists at all! Wish for its safety as it approaches its...10th year!) and then painstakeingly re-string/link EVERY image on that page to re-establish it.

And of course, it chooses to lock onto two of the largest pages on Gear, Fan Items 13 and International Unknown. So a LARGE part of this update is wasting tons of time trying to re-do already-done stuff everyone's seen a billion times. w00p. However, it is so far wonderful that it has only broken two pages (that I KNOW of....!) out of the entire site. Perhaps small favors.

Better news?
EVERY SINGLE PAGE is a ticking time-bomb waiting for newgolive to wave the NOEDIT wand and totally ruin it! Why because newgolive is CRAZY off its AZZ. Where's the next one going to show up? Will it one day render the entire site like that? Every update's russian roulette, every time the site is opened newgolive gets a chance to do something new and malicious. What new tricks will it come up with? Why is it doing this in the first place?

One thing to be clear on:
SonicGear will ALWAYS go on. No stupid program, malfunctioning new PC, demonic Gateway antisupport, or anything else will stop it. It may be slowed down for now, but it'll get back on track and everything will be cool again. I know there's a lot of people out there who give up on stuff when programs or PCs throw them the dirt, but...that won't happen here. The blog may complain a lot (and get really boring!) but this mess can be worked through. Sonic does not give up, and neither does the site.


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At that other comment, may I add in. What. the. HECK.

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