Sunday, June 13, 2010

SonicGear Store Update

Well Golive crashed for the first time on gear on this update...
I guess kudos to it for not actually having done this earlier. Another tool in its arsenal of creative ways to try and mess up the updates? I don't know! What did it do? Well, it crashed while trying to update the SonicGear Store (2 sections) which is unfortunate because that whole section is difficult. I can't actually SEE anything I'm working on, on that page (it is all code boxes) which is a hinderance. However, the page should still appear anyway.

Collection Care goes up-
This section was actually blogged about a couple of weeks back but did not finish until this week. For its explanation, see the old blog post. The delay was caused by wanting to add convenience-links to SpaceBags. These bags are what the SonicGear shirts collection is stored in (currently) It's an extensive one, so anything to shrink the required space down is quite a boon. So now, anyone who cant find a space bag locally (really, who wants to pay shipping) is just a click away. *It is very important for SonicGear to be as convenient as possible for the fans/users.

The update at least is going out on time!
That's saying something for lately. It became only half an update, because the store had gone into a serious state of dis-repair. See, the links there can be broken by Amazon (making the item vanish) on their own. So, eventually as things sell out, the links become no-good and must be re-searched and re-established. It is quite a chore with the way it's set up--especially due to some nefarious bootlegger stuffing up the search results with garbage. Not everything is fixed (or if it can't fix, replaced) yet, but that'll be another update.

The rest of the update should appear shortly, and it'll have all the 'stuff' on it that's planned for this week. (videos, cameos, AUS items, etc) Everything's prepared so it should be a success.


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