Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday- Sonic Video Contest!

Today's the big day!
Happy Birthday Sonic!

And this time, it's Sega who brings the surprise, in the form of a really cool contest. If you can make a great enough video about Sonic and post it on youtube, you'll win a trip to Tokyo and great prizes too! It may be Sonic's birthday, but with that kind of contest around, the fans are getting the present! Plus, Sonic Rivals as well as various data packs (for your games, like extra levels and stuff) are also on sale now as a part of the birthday celebration. If you don't own any of these things yet, but want to, NOW is your chance to save!

This is a fantastic contest, which I think will benefit both the fans AND Sonic too, by raising his popularity and hopefully getting people out of 'psycho hate mode' which has really been going around the internet lately, if the articles are true.

The Golive is once again up to no good. This time figuring out a whole NEW way to ruin the update, which is by adding "The mysterious code block" to new pages before they get content. Since they're fresh, and not saved yet, most of the time deleting the code block RUINS the entire thing...and forces it to shut, thus losing all that was there. But that's not all...

Shenannigans list:
Pasting in images SUPER TINY for no reason
Pasting an image causes the page to stretch miles wide, for no reason, at random
Upon save, converting all text boxes to miles high, but only a single letter wide!

It's totally baffling. HOW is it doing any of this? It's like the thing is smart! How is it this inventive? It's never done that before, and nothing's different! Pages are all made in the same way, placing images and writing in text boxes. It's not like there's flash or java or anything fancy being introduced. So how, when doing the same thing every time, does it magically produce a different (and horribly destructive) result SOMEtimes?

A few things did make it on though, despite the trouble,
Neat keychains, a nice Knuckles patch and several Dreamcast themed commercials. It is a total shame that this had to go wrong on Sonic's Bday itself. I'd wanted a big, good update for it, and all golive did was waste all the time trying to ruin pages instead.


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