Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Night GoLive Died

GoLive is Dead.
Well, newgolive, at least. Went to start the update and it says "Product License has Expired". Well no it DIDNT. That's a lie. But, it's a lie that can't be fixed. When the program gets like that, there's nothing you can do, it's basically over.

What does that mean for Gear?
No update this week, and no update next week. So if you have photos DONT SEND THEM YET! Hold on to your photos! (Hold onto them until a real update appears--it will make it go much smoother. Blog will also announce when it's good to send again)

What's the plan?
Gear will be updated...but ONLY the SonicGear Store for these upcoming weeks. The store has no photo assets, so the old machine, running old golive can be made to update only the at least do SOMEthing while the program is out of commission. So look at the gear store to have loads of new items, and possibly new sections....IF they can be pulled off on the old machine.

*Note: the 'news' section and the 'index/home page' will NOT talk about the updates. Probably. Depending on how hard it is to do. This is subject to change but on the 'unsure' line.

What about regular updates?
They WILL resume. SonicGear is not defeated. I'm looking into buying yet another program to be able to continue. But I'm held back waiting on gift certificates to raise the money, and then further because it has to be shipped to Gear's a physical disk. That's why the 2 weeks wait. (1 week for the cert, 1 week to get the program here)

What could go wrong?
The program would be GoLive CS - It might not work with the pc, it might be too difficult to use, any number of things really. But all that's pretty unlikely. If it DOES go wrong, it would mean shifting to DreamWeaver which I have no idea at all how to use or even if it would open everything Gear had properly. If this program fails the next update could be months away. Here's to hoping it does not fail.

The blog always works:
Watch the blog for real updates on what's going on. The blog will say when everything's active again, and will update progress on the replacement program & everything that's going on. Probably expect a post about the store too...or anything going on in the section as it updates.


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