Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SonicGear Store - Accessories & Keychains

Well, the Gear Store has been updated some.
Due to the demise of newgolive, the week's update consisted instead of a full update to the Accessories & Keychains / Pins section of the store. Those pages have no 'photo assets', everything is served by the seller, so it doesn't matter which PC it's done on. And those pages really ARE FULL updates.

*stay tuned till the end for an annoying fact

Everything that had sold out (remember, when an item sells out it turns into a boring orange banner or just vanishes) and COULD be re-added, was added. Some things (Like the pvc Rouge keychain that was always extremely popular) could not be re-added at this time because they were sold out everywhere. But in those 2 sections, that list is very small now. Even the popular Shadow Phone Charm got back in. (it goes out all the time, people always buy all of it)

Accessories especially got a huge boost.
Wallets, hats, slippers....tons of stuff really. It's great to see especially around the holidays that people are setting out their Sonic stuff. It's terrible to not be able to get something for someone when they really want it just because you can't find it at a store. (plus, bargain hunting is always nice too)

So those 2 sections of the store are pretty much wrapped up. Expect to see all the other sections updated in a similar complete fashion as well. If something needs to split off onto a whole separate page to help organize the store, that can also happen. The only thing that CANT is an update to the actual home page to announce any of this.

Replacement software IS on the way.
It has one heck of a long 'shipping window' which is any time between now and dec. 15, wich is pretty much 'any time they feel like sending it' so...meh? It will be installed & investigated upon arrival, though. No guarentee that it'll work, but at the current time it is still the best bet the site has going for it.

* Annoying fact:
I have a Jet the Hawk action figure photo that I can't post because of this mess. I had it HELLUVA EARLY too, and there's nothing I can do but sit here on it. He does look all right, from what I can tell. Do you want to see it? PSO World has it. The link leads to one of their galleries from a Sega Event in which he was part of a prize box. You just have to hunt thru the photos until you get it.
Nobody picked up on it because the event was Phantasy Star related, and even the JW site doesn't have photos for this figure up. Really, I was shocked to see him boxed like that AND being given away to the public. So, it's their photo that'll go on when it is able to be updated again.


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