Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Sonic Book Series Completed

This week was irresistable to polish something off.
The UK has loads of Sonic books, but no real 'individual books', as they're almost all part of a series of some sort. There are 3 known 'wheres waldos' several 'yearbooks' a bunch of 'adventure gamebooks'...and now SonicGear is proud to display all 6 choose your own adventure books! All the other books have unknown amounts of them (1-3? 1-5?) but these, are finally all displayed.

The question now is: what are they LIKE? What do you do when you read it? What is the quality of the story? Are there pictures within? SonicGear as usual, aims to be almost as good as owning the item yourself, so this level of completeism would really be desired, especially for something as content-based as a paperback book.

The other books are another 'adventure gamebook' and the Doujinshi page finally going up. The Doujin may be a contraversial one, but so what because like it or not it's part of the fandom and it is a published goods. (anyone really going looking for doujinshi for other series' knows that whole bunches of them tend to be pr0n)

Unfortunatly, the only available cover scans are for an unknown book (Anthrotama) and a known scam book (FurryBomb)

Not like anyone is encouraged to buy it (actually its the opposite--SonicGear always warns about scams or companies who are jerks) but the fans have a right to KNOW about every item, and I'm sure some of them are good, but just that Furry Bomb is not. Infact, I have read that it is not even good at what it tries to be (pr0n) which makes it sort of a double phail. Unfortunatly, Gear has no available cool Doujinshi (covers or scans) to balance it out with and present all sides. No one wants to demonize anything here.


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