Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sonic Plushes Part II

Well, wanted a mid-week update, didn't get it.
So last weeks' was just kinda small. This week Japan Sonic the Hedgehog Plush page 3 became full. Really, there are even more of these things than I'd thought, as the picture bin still isn't empty. I also threw in USA ones as well, because there were a few donations that had to go up. There's still more of those too, but I wasn't ready to throw on a whole 'nother new page.

Next week will bring something that's NOT plushes. Not sure what it will be, though. If time materializes out of the universe, I'll try to start working up some ALL NEW sections (I've got my eye on 'music' thanks to a recent contributor) but whatever they are, I know it'll take some time.

Got more photo donations in, so it'll likely concern those, but "all england" again may be seen as a bit of a re-run, so I want to spice it up by maybe reworking a USA page and adding some stuff there as well.

It is SO too bad it can't include Sonic and the Secret Rings, but that requires more money. Which will hopefully come soon, because Games (Sonic's main aspect!) are sadly lacking in content on Gear.


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