Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sonic Super Posables?

This post could create contraversy!
But it's not very likely. First off, the news is that the Sonic Super Posable Figures are released. Possibly at TRU, online for sure, and ebay for way jacked up prices. But what you may not know is that Knuckles and Tails were cancelled off the line. And I'm glad.

"ZOMG whats wrong with you not wanting more figures!"

I don't want them because they were HORRIBLE. If you look at Sonic the Hedgehog Posable Figures Preview Photos you can see that they were going to be quite hideous if they didn't make some serious improvements. What I figure happened is that they couldn't improve Tails & Knuckles enough by the time they wanted to release them, or it was going to cost them too much money to do it--so they just scrapped them, or are going to release them later if the first guys sell well.

I only want figures if they're going to do a good job. If its going to drag Sonic's name in the mud with hideous garbage sculpts, then its better that they don't release it at all. I've had to blast enough bad sculpting on the pages of Sonic Gear already that buying more ugly figures just to bash them has no appeal.

From the first few photos of these new guys on the web, they look ok...they're nothing to rave about though, but that will have to be decided once Gear gets the real things. How fun is the articulation? How is the paint-job? All I can tell is they may have bungled the face again as they look a bit cross-eyed...but time will tell if all of them are that way.

Another small side-note is that the figure company that was running the ads in Wizard may be charging an arm and a leg for the figure, and may be disreputable as well. (as in charge a zillion dollars for shipping and then pack the stuff badly) More investigation will need to be done though, but as soon as I find out anything concrete, it'll be posted on the news section.


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