Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hurricane is Over Update & Missing Light Mystery

Hurricane Irma has gone.
But, it's job of disrupting the updates is also complete. After this week, the normal update schedule should be able to resume, with the normal amount of stuff on each one. It's great that there wasn't too much damage in the area, but a prolonged power out will keep the updates (and pc) away.

A Super Gear Item:
Any regular to the site would right away know that the page/category of "Super Sonic Gear" doesn't get a new entry very often. That's because it has so many requirements all at once for something to be able to make it on there. Usually a single thing can't meet every requirement. But, what are these requirements?

1. The look
It has to be EXTREMELY ON MODEL. Every detail has to be just right and pretty much perfect in pretty much every instance of the item. (So like, no paint oversplash, etc)

2. Uniqueness / inventiveness -
This one of course varies, but it's why stuff like the Crystal Cube is on there. Sonic, 3D etched into crystal? Sign it up, that's super unique and fits the first category too.

3. Quality-
The material it's made of matters. But, the other factors also combine with this one. It's why the crystal champagne glasses are on "High End", but not on "Super Gear". Something that feels cheap or flimsy but looks good won't make it to Super Gear, but also something of special expensive material that just has like say....an etched logo or something...that won't make it either.

4. Value -
This is another combining property. If something is amazing AND a good value for its price, that really helps it along. In the case of the latest item, the Mania Bonus Box, value is extremely good. It might actually be one of the best values around, too if you consider a video game at about 50 dollars, then getting all that extra stuff was just 10 and that's unbeatable. Value however, is lower on the Super Gear list and is just a combiner.

5. Design -
This one is trickier, but the item has to have a good design sense going on it too. It's not enough to be made of something expensive or quality at a good value. Being on-model is wonderful, but if something's just boring looking or looks like a clone of 50 other (lower quality) things, it's not going to make it. So, design comes into play as well, but more as an 'over all overlay' on what gets in.

So those 5 are the basics that bring on the scrutinizing for Super Gear, and the Mania Box did it.
The statue, console, cartridge and ring were all extremely on model. Quality materials were used because the statue doesn't feel fragile, isn't impractically heavy, and the ring is solid metal. Value? Of course. Design: The classic Sonic atop the Genesis is posed like classic art and looks fun on display. It doesn't look like anything else, it's not boring, and it's a unique idea because the base makes sound too...plus the over all combination of all the goods you got at once. This includes the packaging! Which brings it to....

The Mystery of the Missing Light:
Did you know the 'power' red LED indicator on the Mania Statue Base is supposed to light up when you activate the SEGA sound? No one's does....but it's supposed to. Isn't that weird? What happened to it? Why would they install a real LED then not let it get power? Is there anything that can be done to fix it? Stay tuned for possible answers.....

Next Week:
More new stuff you can buy now! Most fortunately, as shopping season is approaching and if you want to make up your Christmas list or something with Sonic stuff, there should be some things to look for.


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