Saturday, September 09, 2017

Irma Update

The update this week is on an unusual day due to hurricane Irma.
It's the size of France. So, it's going to go where it's gonna go...and seems likely to cut the power at some point, so here goes the update. It's a little smaller than usual, but still manages to have some interesting stuff. (And more Mania of course)

Harmony Magazines:
I guess these are some sort of enduring mystery I didn't hear about. But, at least now they're on the site, in however small a manner.

Mania Statue:
There'll be more for it on the next update, it was planned but because of the hurricane, it's just not happening this time. Also, someone's discovered an error with it! There's a hidden LED light that's supposed to light up...but never does. So, someone may at some point make a tutorial on how to get it going again, and if that happens, it'll get posted too.

Next week:
The statue should wrap up, probably some housewares/accessories to appear & if no more hurricanes do, the usual schedule should be back.


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