Sunday, March 06, 2011

Jazwares New News (20th anniv)

Upcoming words:
Since it's JUST 'words' at this point, it's got to go on the blog. Some possibly-facts have appeared on new Jazwares items. Whether they actually do them, or what order they do them in, is naturally not set. Remember that in the past JW has said 1 thing will be first, and then something else entirely comes out. Still, looks like interesting stuff so the rundown seems to be:

1. New modern-style 10in Sonic will be flocked/fuzzy surface
2. They WILL make a Wave the Swallow
3. They WILL release Blaze & Charmy Bee
4. Classic Sonic figures available in 3 inch, 5 inch, 10 inch

Info contributed by SupermetalV2
ALSO check your Kmarts! JW figures have been reported at SOME K-Mart stores in the USA. Having another source besides "We're sold out TRU" would be a real nice addition for some fans. Yes kmart is another store where you can't call to check what figures are in or not, but having options is always good.

Update news:
Another 'bad code' page appears to waste time on the update/take away from posting anything good. I had thought most of them were gone but (usa clothing 9) appeared to thwart me. There ARE a few more bad code pages lingering around, mainly on packed/closed old pages where there's a zillion of the category page. They don't come up for editing often...fortunately.

Flocked Sonic Possibility?
Srsly? What is the point of this? I don't understnad the need to make ANOTHER modern 10in Sonic and then it's fuzzy for some reason? I mean, I'm not here to knock something before it comes out/I see it, but this just seems really bizzarre to me. I dont think of Sonic as being wooly, fuzzy, or hairy in any fashion, I guess. Quite curious to see what this does.

2nd half:
Zany mutants & bootlegs will be forthcoming, along with a mess of posters. Some photos may be replaced on a couple of pages as well, with upgraded pics. Also an Easter Egg may appear!


Blogger bennyboytrain said...

What about Rouge the bat?

5:03 AM  
Blogger AzureBlaze said...

Rouge is still marked as "Upcoming" by Jazwares. I don't think they've ever elaborated on why it's taking her forever to arrive. She's an obvious fan-favorite who would sell really well. I suspect model/design issues, but that's just me wondering. As far as I know, they havn't given a date, or so much as a mock-up art for what they want to do. Hopefully, they either release her soon, or let everyone know what's going on.

10:49 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Do you actually speak to someone from Jazwares to find this stuff out? ^_^

9:35 AM  
Blogger AzureBlaze said...

Unfortunately, no one at JW has ever said anything to me, nor written to SonicGear. (though one can hope eventually it will)

The information on this post/some others similar to it comes from credible things though, such as:
JW's own official facebook page
ToyNewsI will sometimes/somehow get an info release (and a fan may report it)
One of JW's own certified people on a forum will sometimes let out info
Someone who attends a toyshow
And also sometimes if you mail them (like some fans have done & then reported to Gear) they'll confirm or deny something for you. (Like Rouge)

The "fuzzy Sonic" from the list up there I actually saw in the corner of an irrelevent photo taken at a toy show. You couldn't even see his face, it's just a spike or two but it's DEF flocked/wierd it's worth mentioning but I actually want to get a GOOD photo of this before bothering to post it up anywhere.

10:03 PM  
Blogger bennyboytrain said...

Let's wait and see what happens. After all, just because they didn't show the new characters at the Toyfair doesn't mean they aren't making them.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Jazwares just said on their facebook that now Rouge is confirmed but Blaze is not currently planned. You may wanna tweak that. Here's the link:

8:38 AM  

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