Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 starts with mail

Well, got the mail down some, so 2009 is starting off right for Sonic Gear!
It went from 80 to 65 this time, so that's better than normal. I may do some mid week meddling to get more of it out of there and on to the site. A rash of dumb bootlegs is clogging up the works. It's depressing to post phony nasty stuff all the time, and there's a hoard of it. I may have to shift a 'bootleg showing policy' into position to keep some of the things out of the mail to begin with.

Target: custom-embroidery. Now with those new expensive fancy sewing machines, more people are semi-mass producing bogus embroidered Sonic stuff. Traditional embroidery takes too long...but when it's a button push and a thread-spool away, they quickly begin to clog the works. Since so many keep getting shoveled onto Ebay, I need a way to warn people, but then stop it from overwhealming everything else with photos. Oh well, next week.

The highlight (or low light?) of the week was the Impact Innovations slot car set.
Plenty of photos by The GagaMan, however the set itself is no good. It barely works, breaks a lot and was hella expensive. NOT a good first showing by II. (see their stuff on the prototypes page) Hopefully if they do something else, it'll be more plentiful, and better made. Though, I understand they just did a mess of outdated tech with a thin Sonic veneer for this...

The mystery this time is an old Mega Bot Toy Island line card with Amy's pic missing off the back. Why'd they do this? I don't think it's all that likely to contribute to her rarity (so no need to go scrambling to buy up Amys now) because plenty were done before this set came out without her.

If the mail continues to progess so well, the video and comics section overhaul & additions won't be too far away in this new year.

Random tidbit:
Playing Sonic Unleahsed around here. I have decided that the werehog is at least tolerable. BUT under the condition that it GOES AWAY after this one game and never comes back. The plot handles it ok, especially personality-wise and reaction-wise is the best one could hope for. The gameplay on it is decent enough as well, though he's a tad uncontrollable at times (runs at random off the edge etc etc)
Some of the regular day-stages are AMAZING. Sitting there playing it and going "That is SO COOL" to look many points in the stages. Is he "on rails" ? No. Sonic 1 had less choice than this game, by FAR. But you actually have to put in an effort to look for alternate paths.

I have decided that critics/magazines/reviewers DO NOT KNOW what they want WRT any Sonic game. If they re-published Sonic 2 today, everyone would scream it sucked because it was too short and there wasn't enough 3D parts to the stages and the bonus stage was just a palette swap. Same with Sonic 1. Knuckles Emerald hunt levels making you mad? Demand more speed less hunts. Get speed in unleashed? Demand platforming. Get platforming on werehog? Demand better fighting. Get better fighting in the future? Demand more speed. It's an endless cycle of produce n' hate because no one knows what they want out of Sonic, thus nothing will ever please them.

Bottom line: rent it. play it. judge it for yourself and then buy it if you like it!


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