Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Video Problems for SonicGear

As you can see the update was delayed. Again! Another day was added on, but finally now the update and video are up. So what was the hold-up?

The video compiling badly.
SonyVegas is used to make any video produced by SonicGear/me. It has the option to save the file a few ways, one of which is huge, another which is medium and like 2 that are small. Well, whatever the whole 'saving as' process is (the file as it is 'worked on' is a .vf type not an actual video) is very hard to do. Closing all other programs, doing a restart to clear the RAM etc...

But. Even if you're as good to the PC as you can be about it, things still go awry. I had artifacts. Frame skips. Double frames. Stops. Blurring. The video was doing nothing but turn up terrible. And it takes ages to do each save-off, not to mention restart the PC...so the update just didn't make it.

Now, when you see the video you may see some kind of linescreen in it but it probably isn't going to be helped, without getting a whole 'nother PC. I fear that this one just may not quite be able to handle it. However, it's not unwatchable or looking awful so it'll stay.

The rest of the update had shirts from that Non-USA mystery company that puts out some real quality stuff, and the 10th anniversary Sonic Marble Base Statue which went into high-end merchandise due to real marble and resin. So all in all...quite a good update, if a day late.


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