Monday, December 03, 2007

Update Delayed...

This week's update is delayed.
Likely until mid-week or so. What was it going to be? Clothing. With the fall/winter season of 2007 in full swing, long-sleeve Sonic the hedgehog shirts are coming to stores near you with some new designs, and some re-imagined old ones. Be sure to be on the lookout at your local Sears or Kohls department stores!

But that's not all for the update, it's also going to have some vintage surprises...

Update delayed due to mysterious internet-won't-connect problems that hogged up over an hour of time during which the update was to take place. It seems semi-fixed now, so hopefully it will stay that way because the clothing update should be great.


Blogger Andrea said...

Hello. I sent you an email about the 15th Anniversary Sonic Resin Statue. Did you get the email?

3:45 PM  

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