Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Toy Island Downgrading: A Rant

If you have been collecting Sonic items, or reading, you know that Toy Island has been Re-releasing their old Sonic Adventure line under a "Sonic X" label.

The problem is, that they have been making the figures worse, and keeping the prices the same. The first time around, I did not manage to collect the "Giant Talking Sonic" action figure. (They ran out) So I thought this re-release would be the perfect opportunity to complete that particular line.

They don't talk any more. AND they are still $9.99. I just grabbed one off the shelf, saw the button on Sonic's foot, and made an assumption. Got it home and pushed the button, waiting for his (non Sonic-Adventure spacific phrase) and nothing happened. I thought he was out with the screw-driver to open up his shoe. There's nothing inside! They even glued down the button. Why'd they take that stuff out? They didn't even bother to make a new shoe?

They never helped the packaging either.
They're still in completely open front boxes, so you need to inspect your figure to be sure it's not damaged before you buy.

The other smaller figures are being included with less accessories as well. Eggman took the biggest hit, because he doesn't have Coconuts/Kiki Monkey with him any more. Plus Tails and the Chao. Who wouldn't want a little PVC chao to add to their Sonic collection? (I also wonder if Tails still winds up) If you'd like to see the 'lost accessories' you can go to

Toy Island had a TON more stuff then just figures though, which they could've re-released as well/instead. What did these include?
Inflatable Chair
Gel Pen Set w/Character figure topper
Desk Set w/Figureal Items
Plushes you could pose
Erasers Set
Pencil Set
They made an E-102 Gamma bendy, and then NEVER released it.
The pix of these things are coming soon to the site.

Not a particularly angry rant, just more of a "They are so Lazy" type of thing. Still, despite it all, it's an ok opportunity for the fans to collect things if they missed it the first time.


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